Lifesaving is the core business of our club. Patrolling members man the beach at Palm Cove on weekends and public holidays from April through to November. We have a proud record of safety to uphold, and our volunteer members pride themselves on the ability to react to emergency situations in a thoroughly professional manner.

Become a volunteer surf life saver!

To become a volunteer surf lifesaver (and an Australian Icon) the base award is the Bronze Medallion.

Bronze Medallion Pre-requisites

  • Must be 15 years or older
  • Must be able to swim 400m in a pool in under 9 minutes

The Bronze Course takes between 4 weeks to complete and includes the ability to swim in both the pool and the surf, knowledge of rescue techniques, first aid, resuscitation, radios and general life saving methodology.

Active members are then placed onto a patrol roster and are asked to perform voluntary patrols for the Club. Members who perform patrols for the Club are eligible to compete in surf life saving carnivals.

Once a member has obtained their Bronze they must complete an annual skills maintenance (proficiency) exam each season to continue their patrol and competition activities.

Other Rewards

There are other optional awards that can be obtained. These include –

  • Surf Rescue Certificate: Prerequisite age 13 years or older, complete a 200m swim in no more than 5 min (this is the award for those who want to patrol but do not feel they can complete requirements of the Bronze Medallion);
  • Radio Operators Certificate: Prerequisite age 14 years or older;
  • Advanced Resuscitation Certificate: Prerequisite age 15 years or older, (basic resuscitation knowledge recommended);
  • First Aid Certificate: Prerequisite age 15 years or older;
  • IRB Crewman Certificate: Prerequisite age 15 years or older, hold a current Bronze Medallion;
  • Silver Medallion:
    IRB Driver: Prerequisite age 16 years or older, hold a current Bronze Medallion and IRB Crewman Certificate (with 20 logged crew hours),
    Beach Management: Prerequisite age 17 years or older, hold a current Bronze Medallion (this is the patrol captains award),
    Advanced Lifesaving: Prerequisite age 17 years or older, hold a current Bronze Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate and Operational First Aid Certificate;
  • Gold Medallion – Advanced Lifesaving: Prerequisite age 18 years or older, hold a current Bronze Medallion, Silver Medallion: IRB Driver, Silver Medallion: Beach Management, Silver Medallion: Advanced Lifesaving, complete a 800m swim in no more than 13 min (this is the lifeguard award)

There are many other awards available so for more information contact the Chief Training Officer, Club Captain or Club Administrator.

The development of the skills necessary to become the ‘best’ lifesaver you can be is a task that is taken very seriously throughout the whole movement. The club in conjunction with the North Queensland Branch regularly holds courses that will assist members in becoming active members.

Important Information for patrolling members

  • All patrolling members are required to meet their patrol requirements as per the club roster.
  • Please turn up on time. The time listed on your roster is the time that patrol is on the beach set up including the IRB, so arrive approx 10-15 minutes prior to start.
  • All members should share the responsibility of setting up and packing away.
  • All members must wear full patrol uniform;  patrol cap, patrol shorts, patrol shirt. You should also bring sunglasses, sunscreen and water.
  • All patrol members must sign on and off in patrol log.
  • You are required to be proficient by the 31st December.
  • If you cannot make a rostered patrol you must try and swap with a member from another patrol or the active reserve list. If you cannot get anyone you must contact your patrol captain.
  • If you need to leave patrol for any reason you must advise your patrol captain.