Junior Activities

Nippers / Junior Activities

Cairns SLSC offers a junior program of surf lifesaving that has proved immensely popular to generations of youngsters from the Cairns region. Running on Sunday morning from 9:30am until 11:30am, it offers families an opportunity to enjoy the beach together, whilst the trained Age Managers teach the Nippers the essential skills of beach safety in a highly supportive and stimulating environment.

The Nipper program at the Cairns SLSC has been a highly successful breeding ground for future lifesavers. We believe that Nippers are the future of Lifesaving.

Our nippers are taught the basics of beach safety and rescue techniques from an early age, progressing to an understanding of First Aid and Resuscitation techniques by the time they are in the U13 groups.

When they finally graduate into the Cadet ranks by the age of 14 our nippers are able to participate in Beach Safety programs and help patrol the beaches. Most importantly, most nippers find the sessions stimulating and fun, and learn life skills well beyond simple beach management, skills which will serve them well in later life.

Added to this of course is the competition that most Nippers thrive on. The NQ Branch of Surf Lifesaving runs a series of interclub carnivals which proves most popular with nippers and seniors alike. The Cairns SLSC is the current NQ Champion club when it comes to the nippers, and it is hoped that the club can continue to build on this success, and that the nippers gain skills and fitness from involvement in these carnivals.

At the Cairns SLSC, we have a commitment to place the safety and welfare of children above all other considerations, and all activities conducted by and for the club are reviewed by the junior activities committee with this in mind.